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Tenants providing notice to end a tenancy

Please fill out the Tenancy Notice To Vacate form below to provide the Box Property Management team with your formal notice to end your tenancy and vacate the rental property.

Tenants requesting to ending a periodic tenancy:

  • You can end a periodic tenancy agreement without having to provide a reason, but tenants must give the lessor a minimum 21 days' notice in writing.

Tenants requesting to ending a fixed-term tenancy agreement:

  • It is important to note that tenant(s) are committed to a fixed-term tenancy agreement for the period written in the contract.

  • A tenancy agreement doesn't automatically end at the end of the fixed-term tenancy agreement, it will automatically continue on a periodic tenancy if neither party (landlord or tenant) do not provide formal notice to end the tenancy

  • To end a fixed-term tenancy agreement, tenant(s) need to give (or be given) 30 days' notice in writing.

For more information about ending your tenancy, please refer to the Department website:

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