Joining or switching to BOX Property Management is easy! 

Many landlords and property investors think that they can't change agencies while the property is currently tenanted, but you can and there is nothing stopping you! 

Are you currently with another agency and want to switch?

  • We have developed a simple process to enable you to do this. Contact us and we can help

  • We will liaise on your behalf with your current property manager

  • There will be no disruptions to your tenants, this is a seamless process

  • Switching over to us is easy! We make it effortless!

Are you a private landlord and want us to manage your rental property?

  • We are more than happy to take over management of your property

  • We will do everything for you from start to finish; signing your tenants up to formal contracts, reviewing and reporting on the current property condition, manage rent payments and everything else related to managing your property

  • We will ensure your rental property is compliant with all residential rental standards and policies

  • We will keep records of your rental income and maintenance and other expenses to simplify your tax declarations

Will there be any disruptions to my existing tenants?

  • No, your tenants will not be disrupted during the process

  • We will look after your quality tenants the same way we look after all our clients

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