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Don’t attempt to break into your own home! we provide after hours access to your keys

As we are busy running around trying to keep up with a busy work-life balance, or rushing out the door because we are running late for a catch-up with a friend; sometimes we forget things and leave them behind by the kitchen table as we run out the door.

Sometimes, that one thing you forget is the set of keys to the front door or the access card to get you back into your secure complex gate or apartment building. And worse of all, it’s the weekend and the building manager isn’t available and Strata aren’t going to give you a copy of access cards on the weekend...

For a house, it’s as easy as calling a locksmith and paying the expensive weekend or after hours call out of $200++ to unlock the door to let you in. But if you live in a secure complex or apartment building, a locksmith can’t magically buzz you in with a swipe card.

Don’t panic; at Box Property Management, we won’t leave you stuck outside until Monday morning. we have developed a unique process to allow us to activate after hours key access. You can call our office 24 hours a day on 6557 8990, if calling after hours; you can leave a detailed message and the voicemail will be sent to our after hours Property Manager in charge. Alternatively; the voicemail will also provide you with the after hours property manager‘s mobile number to SMS them so they can help you out. Or log a request using the online maintenance request form that can be found here:

After hours keys access can be activated and keys can be made available to you within a few hours of your request. There is a small admin fee because our staff needs to collect the keys from the office and make them available for you, but this fee is a lot cheaper than a locksmith, and we will also lend you any access cards or secure gate remotes so you can get into your complex as well.

This is just one of the many benefits of being a tenant with Box Property Management!

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Tien Nguyen
Tien Nguyen
22 dic 2018

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