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New blog at Box Property Management, Perth.

As the year end approaches, the team and I have been very busy leading up to the holidays season. Unlike most Property Management businesses in Perth. We will be open during the Christmas period!

Yes, that's right, when the power goes out on Christmas Eve, we'll be ready to sort tenants out so they aren't in the dark during Christmas. For landlords you can be sure your rent payments will be processed during the festive period so that you have that extra bit of income during this period too!

As Box Property Management continue to grow, I thought about how I can add value to all the landlords and tenants alike in the new year. This is why I've asked Yong-Long to share his of experiences in the Perth property market. Yong-Long has invested, subdivided and developed multiple properties over the last 15 years. It's common to find investors among your family and friends, but seldom do you find one that owns multiple investment properties. i.e. he has quite a bit to share.

Until then, if you have any friends or family who you think can benefit from what Box Property Management has to offer, please send them to Box Property Management or get them to my office a call on (08) 6557 8990


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