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Why Perth Landlords & Property Investors Choose Us

100% focus on residential property management and we do this best 

BOX Property Management is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to Perth landlords, investment property owners and tenants. It is for this reason that our team are 100% focused on property management, managing properties throughout the Perth metro region. 


As we don't have a sales department, we are not distracted with selling homes. We focus our sales and marketing expertise to maximise exposure of your vacant rental property to source quality tenants FAST! 


Perth property management is all we do and we aim to be the best in the industry.

One simple, competitive fixed management fee

We offer one simple and competitive fixed management fee of 11% inc GST. This is an all inclusive fee that includes every aspect required to manage your property, delivering service excellence.

100% focus on residential property management
One simple competitive fixed management fee

100% Principal and Director involvement in your property

Our success is measured by the level of satisfaction of our clients and tenants. As property management is our core business, the Principal and Director of BOX Property Management has a vested interest in building long lasting relationships with Perth landlords and property investors, as well as quality tenants.

Proactive and preventative

We maximise your investment property potential through proactively managing your property and taking preventative actions. Our team at BOX Property Management will go above and beyond standard property management duties to maximise returns for your investment property.

All our property managers are equipped with a set of handy-man tools to help you fix simple issues raised by the tenants when we are at the property completing routine inspections. This is just one of the ways we think outside the box to minimise unnecessary overheads for you.

Trained and updated with the latest industry news and policy changes

Our property managers are trained and qualified property management professionals.

We attend industry training and workshops regularly, as well as continually keep up to date on market trends and residential property management and tenancy policy changes to ensure you are informed ahead of time and ready for any changes.

Innovative and leaders in the industry

Being an independent agency, we are able to quickly implement the latest technologies and efficient business processes without compromising on quality and customer service. We embrace new marketing strategies and solutions to market your property and maximise exposure to gain prospective tenant interests; eg. we offer virtual staging of your vacant rental property to make your property look more homely and attractive to tenants searching for rentals on,, and other leading real estate portals.


We also have a landlord and tenant portal to provide clients and tenants with access to everything about their property, readily accessible in one portal. Contact us to ask us about other innovative solutions we have implemented that are effective in today's rapidly changing world.

Flexible and accommodating

The team at BOX Property Management are flexible and accommodating to both landlords as well as tenants. Although we have strict tenant arrears and property condition policies, we truly believe that if we work to ensure our tenants are happy then they will be more inclined to co-operate and look after the property as it was their own home. 

We are flexible in the following areas to improve tenant engagement:

  • We schedule For Lease Home Opens after hours, this allows young couples and working professionals the ability to inspect the home without inconveniently rushing home

  • We work with the tenants to schedule routine inspections when the tenant is available, this could either be after hours or on weekends for convenience, as we believe everyone has a right to privacy (and when we were tenants, we didn't like the property manager walking through our home without us being there...who gives stranger's access to their home without them present?)

  • We believe that happy tenants make quality long term tenants, this is why we are flexible and look after your tenants! 


Are you currently with another agency and want to switch?

  • We have developed a simple process to enable you to do this. Contact us and we can help

  • BOX Property Management will liaise on your behalf with your current property manager

  • There will be no disruptions to your tenants, this is a seamless process

  • Switching over to us is easy! We make it effortless!


Trained and updated with the latest news
Innovative and leaders in the industry
Flexible and accomodating
We will pay your break fees
100% principal involvement
Proactive and preventative
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